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About Us

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Magnetec is synonymous with magnetic technology applied to industrial metal packaging. The company proposes itself as a manufacturer of equipment and machinery for the field of metal packaging and food industry, offering innovative and effective solutions.

Magnetec is able to offer standard products and customized solutions, tailored to the needs of individual customers.
Research and development of new application technologies are the basis of the working method with which Magnetec proposes itself on the global market and customer satisfaction is the primary goal of the company. Our motto is: magnetism, flexibility, ease of use.

Our Team

Davide Lorenzetto
CEO & Sales Manager
Dario Lorenzetto
Technical & Production Manager
Barbara Fagioli
Financial Manager
Eliseo Lorenzetto
Research & Development
Roberto Malacrinò
Project Manager
Sergio Di Giacinto
Engineering Designer

Our Partners

“Our motto is magnetism, flexibility, ease of use.
Our passion is making things, our expertise is in magnetism.
From beginning to end we provide reliable and user
friendly equipment and systems.”